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Sexual exploitation and abuse

  • October 19, 2021

Terra Firma has experience in helping clients manage the strategic, operational and reputational issues around allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA).  Typically, this involves helping management and board keep their particular show on the road, navigating internal and external challenges as they respond to the incident.  Given that this is a governance issue, members of both management and board at senior level are often involved or even to some extent implicated.  Not only are brand and corporate reputation at risk, but so are personal reputation and livelihood.  This can put great stress on decision-makers and have an impact on their objectivity and ability to make appropriate decisions, severely testing the unity of, and alignment between, the senior management team and  the board.

A professional, objective, experienced and discreet adviser will provide advice on strategic crisis management, help to mediate and facilitate board and management interactions and ensure a calm response from all parties. This is crucial support for a CEO or board chair.

Terra Firma can help organisations prepare and train for such crises, and provide on-the-spot support in the event that a client is faced with such a situation.

We have produced a guidance document on this subject and given some important differences, we have provided one document for the commercial sector and one for charities/aid agencies.

Follow the below link to access either of the two documents: