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Terra Firma Risk Management is one of the most experienced response companies working in today’s special risks market. Using Terra Firma’s extensive crisis management expertise, Terra Firma prepares Boards and executive leadership teams so that they are best placed to respond to any crisis, whatever its origin.

The team’s combined experience totals over 500 critical incidents. Terra Firma also has a wide associate network of security specialists who provide additional global coverage for a comprehensive spectrum of security risk management services.

Our personnel also have extensive global experience of prevention and preparedness support, including security training, crisis simulation exercises, complex risk assessments, secure operations in dangerous environments, provision of expert witnesses and information-gathering.

Terra Firma Risk Management, working with Constellis and other global partners, has a team of over thirty advisers, providing worldwide coverage (see map). Languages spoken by advisers include English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, Mandarin, Cantonese and Arabic.

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