Our Team

Our team provides a well-matched range of skill-sets and experience spanning six continents.

The team’s combined experience totals approximately 200 years and over 650 critical incidents, including more than 400 cases of kidnap, 200 cases of extortion and contamination, 28 cases of wrongful detention and 32 cases of maritime piracy. Terra Firma also has an associate network of more than 25 security specialists who provide additional global coverage for a comprehensive spectrum of security risk management services.

The Team in detail

Former Royal Navy officer
with more than 25 years’ experience in the kidnap response sector and extensive involvement in handling maritime piracy cases, as well as commercial experience in the diamond industry in Africa.

Former British intelligence officer
who specialised in counter-espionage, counter-subversion, and counter-terrorism, with 30 years’ experience handling kidnaps and extortion events around the globe.

Former US intelligence officer
and wartime veteran with extensive experience in hotspots and 17 years managing kidnap, extortion and piracy response in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa

Tribal chief and experienced negotiator 
from the Middle East with significant experience in the release of kidnapped and illegally detailed persons, as well as dealing with the unlawful arrest of ships and tracing of missing goods.

US Army and Iraq veteran
with experience in peacekeeping operations, intelligence and close protection, as well as over 10 years’ experience in commercial security risk management and kidnap response.

Security specialist
and veteran interpreter for US Army combat units in Afghanistan.

South African based security specialist
with over 30 years experience in the police and in commercial security.

Ex-Gurkha officer
with 20 years’ experience in security risk management, including kidnap response, with broad experience of working in fragile states and risk management for UK and German government organisations.

Former aid worker
with wide experience of working in conflict and post-conflict environments and negotiating with national and multi-national agencies, military commanders and tribal elders, as well as 12 years spent in the security risk and crisis management sector.

Ex-police officer
now practising as a lawyer with experience working in a unit specialising in handling kidnappings in a South American country.

Qualified ER doctor and former Special Forces officer
in the New Zealand and Australian armies, with over 15 years’ experience in commercial security and kidnap response.

Former Chinese police officer
and commercial security specialist working throughout the greater China region.

Paris based security specialist  
with extensive experience in government and commercial security.

Former UN and Red Cross delegate  
with 20 years experience of living and working in some of the most dangerous and challenging regions of the world.

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