Risk Reviews

Terra Firma Risk Management risk reviews provide a review of the client’s present or future operating environment, and clear recommendations on how best to work in it.

Terra Firma risk reviews are distinguished by the use of clear, jargon-free English. They provide balance and proportion.

The good, the bad and the ugly are all described appropriately. Terra Firma guidance on risk management measures is in proportion to any threat and in keeping with the client’s operation and ethos.

Terra Firma risk reviews are characterised by intellectual rigour and coherence, and feature strong analysis of the overall context – political, social, military, cultural, religious, regional and local.

Threat and risk are assessed in detail: this includes an objective analysis of specific threats to the client or the client’s partner organisations, one aim being to question assumptions that might not be justified.

Risk assessment is converted into detailed options and recommendations for practical, proportionate and effective risk management measures.

Terra Firma risk reviews also state clearly where there is certainty and where there is room for doubt or different interpretations or approaches.

What To Do Next

Tell your specialist insurers you want to use Terra Firma Risk Management to provide a Risk Review. This may also help you to obtain a better insurance quotation.